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Importing & synchronizing employees

Import and sync employees in Intalligent

- Only if you are using a manual sync - If you want to set up an automatic sync with your payroll or Human Resources system please contact us.

The file format must be CSV, separated by semicolon, some fields must have a specified format:

  • Employee Name (optional) - Type String
  • Employee Code (mandatory) - Type String
  • ID (optional) - Type String - ID Card Number
  • Email (optional) - Type String - A valid email address
  • Position Code (mandatory) - Type String
  • Position Name (optional) - Type String
  • Unit Code (mandatory) - Type String
  • Unit Name (optional) - Type String
  • Department Code (optional) - Type String
  • Department Name (optional) - Type String
  • Date of Birth (optional) - Type Date - Date format: YYYYMMDD
  • Settled In (optional) - Type Date - Date format: YYYYMMDD
  • Sex (optional) - Type String - M for male, F for female
  • Education Level (optional) - Type Number - See valid values below
  • Depends On (optional) - Type String - The immediate supervisor for this employee, must hold a valid active employee code (this is not necessary for evaluation purposes)
  • Civil Status (optional) - Type String
  • Nationality (optional) - Type String
  • Phone (optional) - Type String
  • Mobile Phone (optional) - Type String

Position Name, Unit Name, and Department Name are optional in case the codes already exist, if a Position Code, Unit Code or Department Code do not exist, the names will be used to create them.

Education Level Values:

  • 0 - No Education    
  • 1 - Elementary
  • 2 - Middle school
  • 3 - High school
  • 4 - College Undergraduate
  • 5 - College Graduate
  • 6 - Master

How it works?

Use always a complete file with all the active employees in your organization, the synchronization procedure checks before creating a new employee if exists or not in the database, this check is made using the employee code, if the employee exists but some of the data associated with the employee has changed his data is updated, if no data have been changed since the last sync, the employee is not updated... if the employee does not exist the procedure creates a new employee with a new user associated.

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